Thoughts on the Apple 3.0 iPhone/iPod Touch firmware


The other day (Tuesday, March 17, 2009) Apple had announced that coming this summer there will be a new firmware update for the iPhone/iPod touch. The iPhone (2G and 3G) will be a free update, but the iPod touch will be a $9.95 update.


The update includes some well need additions,

Firstly is that finally there will be copy and paste. This is the biggest news to come to the iPhone, as it has been though two OS versions and it has not yet been applied, but it soon well.

Secondly, A2DP stereo Bluetooth. Sure you could live without but really I can see a lot of positive usages for this and frankly, to me this is a needed thing, cause not only is it a phone but a multimedia device and well you get the point.

Also did you know that the iPod touch has Bluetooth built in? Apple put the Bluetooth chip into the iPod touch (2nd Gen, not too sure about the 1st gen) but did not enable use. But with the 3.0 OS upgrade it will now be enabled with A2DP!


The only thing, is why did Apple release the OS upgrade news this past Tuesday when it is not set to release till the summer? Sure I can understand that they want to get some apps and stuff like that as it was the SDK that was release, but I think there might be something else, say a new iPhone hardware coming out at the same time. It has been two years since the iPhone first came out and those people that got a two year contract, are either going to switch there plans to a monthly plan (AT&T sure likes that…) but i think they will release a new iPhone with some other piece of hardware (or looks) just to keep AT&T and other GMS iPhone carriers happy, or who knows, maybe since it has been on AT&T for two years, they will release the new iPhone on a CDMA network (highly doubt it).


What are your thoughts? sure there was more release the other day on the features, like developers having access to like the iPhone’s map app, push notification, addition youtube features, and more.


Couple things l would have liked to see would be some background processing (guess push is kind of a half step) and maybe we still might see this, Flash. As earlier this year they (Apple and/or Adobe) where talking about a ‘special’ flash version for the iphone/mobile devices. So I don’t know, maybe there will be more in the final release, or maybe that will the feature in the new iPhone (if they release one)?

If you would like more info on this update, it can be found on the apple website.

So what are you thoughts on the 3.0 update? Sound good to you, or would you have liked to see something that they didn’t announced?