US iTunes in Canada?

No this is no joke, for me it came into effect when Skype released their iPhone app, and not in Canada due to CRTC regulations as they require phone providers to offer enhanced 911 services.

So I looked around, and then i decided to try and create a US iTunes account. I remember I created a Canadian iTunes account without a credit card so I thought there would be something like so in the US store.

Be sure to switch the store to the US store from the Canadian Store!

Turns out, its easier! And thanks to Gmail, i was able to use the same email by just adding some txt which was – the ‘+usitunes’ is basically just a tag and you can type anything after the ‘+’ and it will go to your Gmail inbox as if it was a regular email but the address will be the special address.

But you don't create an account using the ‘Sign in’ at the top. Go find a free app in the US app store, like the Skype iPhone app, and click buy. Then click ‘Create Account’ and start filling in the require data. 

Once you have entered your email,  password, and stuff, click ‘Continue’.

Now your at the Billing/Payment info.

Now if you just go and create a account without finding an app, you will NOT have to option ‘None’  in the Credit Card type field.  So click  ‘None’ – you can always enter payment info later. Credit Card though is probably still needed for paid apps, but free are not, and then if you either go to the States for a day, or you know someone… you can get a US itunes card, and then you will have itunes credit.

For address field,  enter in a address, you can basically use any state dont matter,  phone number you can just use the (123) 456-7890 fake number, unless you want to…

Once done that,  you click ‘Continue’ and you will get a email and, then you click the link within the email, and away you go.

The way I did my iTunes account in the Canadian store, was i got an iTunes gift card,  and without being logged into an account  i went to ‘Redeem Card’ on the right top of the itunes main page, created an account and there done! So I would assume that it would be the same in the US store, only thing is that gift cards can not be used in another store from which it was bought from.  So you couldn’t use a Canadian iTunes card in the US store and reversed.

So me personally, i am just going to use this account for stuff i can NOT get in the Canadian Store, like apps (Skype app) and some TV shows (even though i have no money on the account, i am planning to do so by buying a US gift card (when i go to the US next time) and bring it back and enter it is.


There is another way which is posted on – so I would encourage to take a look at this option too,  as it is yet different,  but has some points – direct link is –   article posted by ‘kiwinerd’ (author of


This has been yet another post from the headlines of 76 Thousand,  about getting/gaining access to the US iTunes store from Canada.