It's Olympic for Vancouver and Canada!

So as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are just about halfway in, I thought I would say my “two cents”.

Firstly, I am a Olympic supporter and think that the games are the only reason British Columbia didn’t see the whole effect of the economic downturn. I truly believe too that the Olympics (regardless the money and cost) are about bringing a Country, Province, City, Community closer together in a time to show the world what this great land is all about. The Torch Relay was the longest Olympic Torch Relay ever and so it should be. It was brought to 90% of the population of Canada within a hours drive. Not to forget that it showed its true goal, in uniting people together for Team Canada!

As the flame got closer and closer to Vancouver and the Opening, it starting make more noise and people were really getting hyped about the games!

Then comes the night of the Opening, which truly was the best Olympic opening to date. It truly did showcase Canada in it’s prime. Everything was done correctly and really well done.

As the Olympics starting the question was, “Will Canada get Gold on home soil?”, I have a feeling these games where going to be the ones where Canada wins not just one, but multiple Gold medals, and to date we have with four!

So as these games are in the final week, just look in the past and remember, these games aren’t about politics, money, traffic nightmares, or whatever it might be. But about the togetherness of Canada during the games and to say to the World that Canada has something to offer to all sorts of life, young and old, short and tall, who ever it is, Canada has something for you.


Go Canada Go!