Alaska Cruise 2006

Day 1 Sunday August 20, 2006


It was Sunday, August 20, 2006, and the day had finally come. We're going on a Cruise! It would be a week long exciting cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, with Various Ports of Call.

Starting in Vancouver our ship, Royal MS Serenade of the Seas. This Ship was completed July 2003 and registered in Nassau, Bahamas.

To Learn more about this ship you can visit Wikipedia or Royal Caribbean International.

Day One, was simple, getting accustomed to the ship, getting to know what to expect and where everything was. Not too many photos, but did get some shots of the Lions Gate Bridge and a few sunsets.

Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures

A few fun Facts...

  • Drink of the Day - Alaska Mama ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - Alaskan 49er
  • The Night's Entertainment act was "The Comedy & Skills of Juan & Eileen: Los Diablos Gauchos"
  • The forecasted Temperature was 25 Degrees Celsius, Sunrise 06:10 and Sunset 20:26 

Day 2 - Monday August 21, 2006

Day 2, the first full day of cruising. The temperature was forecasted to be able 16 Degrees Celsius with the sun rising about 06:28 and the setting about 21:17. This day was was also the First Formal Dinner Night.

Fun Facts

  • Drink of the Day - Tequila Sunrise ($5.95), there was also Margarita Madness
  • Coffee of the Day - Irish Coffee
  • The Night's Entertainment was Johnathan Clark
  • At 10:30, there was the Welcome Aboard $1000 Bingo in the Safari Club
  • At 11:30, the Alaska Discover Shopping Show was in the Tropical Theatre
  • Movie of the Day - The Sentinel
  • Deck 6 Vortex Night Club, 23:30-01:00, Disco Inferno Party
  • Deck 6 Vertex Night Club, 00:15, ABBAlicious and the Almost Original Village People
Alaska Cruise 2006 Random Shots Alaska Cruise 2006 Random Shots

Day 3 - Tuesday August 22, 2006

On Day 3 it was our first stop... The Hubbard Glacier. The Sun was an early riser at 05:49, to which it was again forecasted for about 16 Degrees, it later set around 20:40.

The longest river of ice in North America, the Hubbard Glacier is alos one of hte most active glaciers of its kind in Alaska. And since out ships are designed to provide our guests with the best viewing possible, you'll be able to see this massive natural wonder, with its 1350 square miles [3496 square kilometre] of blue ice, from just about anywhere on the ship. So get your camera ready. We are proud to feature native commentary about this most amazing spectacle. These announcements, although heard around the ship, can also be heard in your stateroom on channel 42, Have a Good Day!

Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 Hubbard Glacier Alaska Cruise 2006 Hubbard Glacier Alaska Cruise 2006 Hubbard Glacier Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures

Fun Facts

  • Drink of the Day - Margarita ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - Italian Coffee
  • Movie of the Day - Memoirs of a Geisha
  • 14:30 Poolside, Ice Carving Demostration
  • Tonight's Entertainment, The Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers in Stage to Screen


It seemed like we played a lot of BINGO on the ship, in fact the staff running it, all knew us by name at the end. Regardless, it was fun.

Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures

Day 4 - Wednesday August 23, 2006

On Day 3, we woke up to Skagway Alaska, it was about 12 Degrees.  The ship arrived at 07:00 with an "All Abroad" for 16:00, to Depart by 16:30

During the historic Gold Rush of 1898, thousands of gold-crazed adventurers sought the best starting point for their arduous trek. They found the deepest penetration possible by boat was at the northern tip of the Lynn Canal. This is how Skagway was born. Relive the past riding the world-famous White Pass and Yukon Railroad and then visit a historic gold-rush camp, where you can browse through cabins and tents that were used as a bakery and a saloon.


Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures

Fun Facts

  • Drink of the Day - Bacardi Cocktail ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - French Coffee
  • Sunset was at 20:32
  • Movie of the Day - Derailed
  • Tonight's Entertainment, The Magic & Grand Illusions of LaRaf
  • Fun Towel Animals today

Day 5 Thursday August 24, 2006

Today's Port of Call was the Alaska capital of Juneau. We arrived in port about 07:00 and the temperature today was about 13 Degress.

This capital of Alaska was founded during a gold rush in 1880. Today, the former gold-mining town counts among its riches some of Alaska's most spectacular scenery, nestled at the foot of Mt. Juneau. Relive Juneau's gold rush and pan for gold in the authentic setting of Gold Creek. "Guaranteed gold in every pan!" Fly in a floatplane over five breathtaking glaciers to the Taku Glacier Lodge for a king salmon feast. And don't be surprised if a black bear wonders into the yard.

This particular day in Juneau was excursion day for many, lots of Helicopter Glacier trips. Having an early morning Glacier trip, turned out to be a surprising special, as the fog started to roll in afterwards, locking out most of the other Helicopter tours.

However, that being said, Juneau still boosted lots to see and do in town.


Clip Courtesy of Flávio Maeda on YouTube.

Fun Facts

Clip Courtesy of Lys Morgan on YouTube

  • Drink of the Day - Goombay Smash ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - Captain's Call
  • Movie of the day - Rumor Has It
  • 15:00 in the Schooner Bar, Napkin Folding Class
  • 15:35 in the Safari Club, 2 for 1 and Cash Prize Bingo
  • Tonight's Entertainment, The Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers in VIBE*OLOGY
  • Karaoke Superstars, 22:00-23:30 in the Safari Club

Day 6 Friday August 25, 2006

Its Friday, and our week is coming to an end, but not before our scheduled call in Ketchikan Alaska. The sun rose up about 05:38 this morning and the temperature was an average 13 degrees. we arrived in Port about 08:00, today was your typical West Coast day, it was a cool, overcast day with a slight drizzle of rain.

Originating as an Indian fish saltery, this town's major growth began when it became a supply base and entry port for miners during the 1898 Gold Rush to the Klondike. Much of hte town's colorful past is still in evidence, especially in the nearby Indian villages. Marvel at the sheer granite cliffs, plunging 1,000-foot waterfalls, crystalline lakes and low-hanging mists of Misty Fjords from the air on a seaplane. Or fill your senses with excitement and adventure as you take the wheel of a four-wheel-drive vehicle and wind your way through a lush rain forest.

Although small, Ketchikan had quite a bit to offer, just walking around town, allowed you to have fun! The market and boardwalk where very interesting places!

Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures Alaska Cruise 2006 OtherPctures

Fun Facts

  • Drink of the Day - Yellow Bird ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - Keoke Coffee
  • Movie of the Day - The Producers
  • Deck 5, Watch Sale, Save up to 44% off US Retail
  • Bingo is Back Tomorrow
  • Tonight's Entertainment, The Comedy of Ralph Achilles and the Australian Singing Sensation Colleen Austen
  • 22:00, Deck 6, Teen Movie Night - Pirates of the Caribbean

Midnight Buffet

When it comes to cruising one of the most often talked about things, is the food. On this cruise, we were lucky enough to have a midnight buffet, featuring all sorts of food, and ice sculptures, to which a lot of it was more a matter of culinary art then culinary eatery. There truly is a lot of talent behind the scenes at Royal Caribbean.

Day 7 August 26, 2006

And so this is the final day, but even saying that, there was still lots to see and do. The Sun rose about 06:40 and the temperature stayed the same at about 16 Degrees. Today was a sea day as we made our way back to Vancouver, going through the Inside Passage, it was a great day to travel, little overcast, but no rain. It was also great to go around to the various daily activities for the last time, seeing all the staff that made our trip that bit more enjoyable. And would gladly go on another journey, again. Its not just the destination that makes the trip, but the staff and crew play a huge role in having the greatest time aboard.

Fun Fact

  • Drink of the Day - Mai Tai ($5.95)
  • Coffee of the Day - Russian Coffee
  • Movie of the Day - X-Men: The Last Stand
  • 10:00, Safari Club, Towel Folding Demostration
  • 11:00, Centrum, Deck 4, Chef's Cooking Demostration
  • 14:30, Poolside, Owner's Cup Mooseracing
  • 15:00, Schooner Bar, Matt's TV Tune Trivia
  • 16:00, Tropical Theatre, Final Jackpot Bingo
  • Tonight's Entertainment, Farewell Showtime with Cruise Director Matt Sole and Jonathan Clark returns

Alaska Cruise 2006 Random Shots
Alaska Cruise 2006 Random Shots

Back in Vancouver

Wow, that was one amazing week, did and saw lots of things, and really enjoyed it. Thanks to all, will definitely travel Royal Caribbean again.