Kamloops/SLR AJAX Report

Most recently the SLR Consulting report which was commissioned by the City of Kamloops was released to the public, with that release, I felt it was important to express my take on the report and where I stand.

My Ajax summary is as followed,

It really surprises me the amount of people that support his project... the best of the claims are ludicrous at best.

I'm all for resource extraction, yes it creates jobs, supports communities, and being a trades-worker, it would probably employ me. But even employment numbers are vague. Construction will most likely be out of province workers (just look at the Overlander Bridge) or worst, will be filled with workers from the TFWP. And operational jobs, that's minimal.

But a project, this close to city boundaries, with so many risks, with the low return of economic growth... it just doesn't add up to working well for anyone. I've worked (and lived) on many industrial projects, and honestly, this isn't something I'd want to put my friends and family through. It's not a pleasant experience.

Mining will still continue regardless, but it cannot come at any cost to health to any community, Simple as that! The future of resource extraction is fly in/out operations. Energy will be provided by renewable sources (which provide more long term, family supporting jobs than oil and/or large scale hydro).

In the last 16 years, under the BC Liberals, we've lost hundreds of mills and along with them those good jobs. Approving one mine right outside a city boundary isn't going to come close to fixing the underlying issue. Mining towns are the 20th century, it's time to more forward into the 21st century. The time to invest in the new is now!