Custom Douglas Fir Desk

For a while I've had an idea of of project I wanted to create, for some time I knew I wanted to design a desk that would allow for future use.

My main criteria was that it be large enough to accommodate a tower PC, at least one filing drawer, and easier dismantling for moving.

After looking through designs and styles, I came to the conclusion to create a simple versatile rail and stile type desk.

After computer modelling it in Rhinoceros 3D, my program of choice. I decided to persue it into the project stage. I decided to use Douglas Fir, having located a piece that happened to be milled at a local mill that has since shutdown, I know that was what I wanted to make it out of. So I milled it up to create the top of the desk. The pedestals are all Douglas Fir as well, but all newer milled material. Considering that the wood came from different lots, it all matched and god together really well!

As for finishing, I just got a clear water based lacquer spray finish. Looks amazing and couldn't have asked for a better finish or finisher!

All in all, I am extremely happy with the project and can see many years of use!